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Girl Talk Journal by Kathy Lette Hardback, Other book format book

Girl Talk Journal

By Kathy Lette

  • ISBN: 9780711237216
  • Published: 2015-09-23
  • Binding: Hardback, Other book format

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Book Description:

Women are each other#65533;??s human wonder bras #65533;?? uplifting, supportive and making each other look bigger and better. The wit and wisdom of#65533; Girl Talk#65533; will not only offer some pun-in-cheek female solidarity but will also help readers achieve a black belt in tongue fu.

Girl Talk Journal is the perfect place to write down your private thoughts and to keep a record of the events in your life, with cartoon quips and tips from Kathy Lette to amuse, entertain and inspire you.

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Girl Talk Journal

Girl Talk Journal

By Kathy Lette Hardback, Other book format
#1 $13.95
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