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Acknowledgments by Becky Lucas Paperback book


By Becky Lucas

  • ISBN: 9781460759790
  • Published: 2021-06-02
  • Binding: Paperback

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Book Description:

From critically acclaimed comedian Becky Lucas comes a funny, consoling and very candid collection of stories and essays about friends, enemies and figuring it out that establishes her as one of today's most original comedy writers.

There's no such thing as a perfect life, but there are perfectly hilarious moments. The best stories are often about the lowest points in our lives - the soul-crushing jobs, the bad boyfriends, the terrible holidays, the betrayals and heartbreaks. These are the stories I tell people to make them like me, but, more importantly, they've helped me learn how to like myself.

So this book is a collection of thankyous and acknowledgments:

  • Thank you to an ex-lover who marvelled at the fact he could get hard with me, even though I wasn't up to his usual standard.
  • Thank you to the coked-up real estate agent who, while lecturing me and my friend about the importance of travelling, fell down a flight of stairs.
  • Thank you to the woman who approached me after a gig and told me she hoped her daughter wouldn't end up like me.
You've all taught me that you can't control who comes into your life or what happens to you, but you can decide just what it is you take from them.

About the Author

Becky Lucas is a comedian who has spent years writing on TV shows and performing stand-up comedy. She most recently sold out her solo show at the Sydney Opera House, performed at Montreal's prestigious Just for Laughs festival and made her US TV debut on Conan - the first Australian woman to do so. As a writer, Becky's credits include co-writing for Matt Okine's semi-autobiographical comedy The Other Guy (Season 1) for Stan, as well as Josh Thomas's Emmy-nominated show, Please Like Me. And now if it's okay with everyone, she's decided to write a book.

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By Becky Lucas Paperback
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