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Civil Society by Michael Edwards Paperback book

Civil Society

By Michael Edwards

  • ISBN: 9781509537358
  • Published: 2019-11-22
  • Binding: Paperback

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Book Description:

Now in its fourth edition, Civil Society has become a major work of reference for those who seek to understand the role of voluntary citizen action in a troubled - and increasingly troubling - world.

Recent economic and political developments do not bode well for the theory and practice of civil society: communities are increasingly divided; inequality is on the rise; authoritarians and populists have gained a foothold even in advanced democracies; restrictions on freedom of speech and association are increasingly common and trust in charities has declined as a result of recent scandals. Worryingly, public spheres seem incapable of addressing these concerns. Yet as Michael Edwards makes clear, ideas about the civil sphere can shed much light on what is happening, why, and how we might respond to polarization, privatization, and authoritarians of different various stripes.

Fully updated to take account of recent additions to the literature on digital culture, democracy, philanthropy, and public work, Civil Society will be required reading for anyone who is interested in creating a better world through voluntary citizen action.

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Civil Society

Civil Society

By Michael Edwards Paperback
#1 $9.93
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