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Explore Your World: Weirdest Creatures In Time by Tim Flannery Hardcover book

Explore Your World: Weirdest Creatures In Time

By Tim Flannery

  • ISBN: 9781760507282
  • Published: 2021-10-27
  • Binding: Hardcover

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Book Description:

Get ready to go on a journey through time with real-life explorer and scientist, Professor Tim Flannery.

You're about to meet the weirdest, wildest and most amazing animals that have ever lived - and died!

Could you outrun a T-rex?
Can mushrooms talk to each other?
Which dinosaur had a second brain near its butt?
Did the Earth used to be a giant snowball?
What do human-sized scorpions eat?
Do scientists play pranks on each other?

Fire up the time machine - you're about to find out!

From the author of the best-selling Explore Your World: Weird, Wild, Amazing! and Explore Your World: Deep Dive into Deep Sea! comes a brand-new compendium to enthral and enlighten readers. Each page is packed with vibrant illustrations and bursting with bizarre facts about the incredible creatures that once roamed the Earth - prepare to gasp, laugh and squirm in disgust!

About the Authors

Professor Tim Flannery is one of the world's leading scientists, explorers and conservationists. He's spent most of his life studying the natural world - from mammalogy to palaeontology - and has had some incredible adventures along the way, including floating down crocodile-infested rivers and wrestling pythons. He's discovered 75 new species of animals - some that are still living, and others that have been preserved as fossils. He's worked at museums and universities in Australia and around the world, including as Director of the South Australian Museum, Visiting Chair in Australian Studies at Harvard University and Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Australian Museum. He established and co-chaired the Copenhagen Climate Council, was appointed Australia's first Climate Commissioner and is the Founder and Chief Councillor of the Australian Climate Council.

In 2007, Tim was named Australian of the Year. He has published over 140 peer-reviewed scientific papers and more than thirty books, including the award-winning Here on Earth (2010), Atmosphere of Hope (2015) and The Weather Makers (2005), which has been translated into over 20 languages. His books for children include the best-selling Explore Your World: Weird Wild, Amazing!, Explore Your World: Deep Dive into Deep Sea and Explore Your World: Weirdest Creatures Through Time.

Emma Flannery is a scientist and writer whose curiosity for the natural world has seen her travel and work in some of its most wild and interesting places. She has explored caves, forests and oceans across most of the globe's continents in search of the elusive fossils, animals and plants that help us understand our planet and who we are in it.

With postgraduate experience in geology, chemistry and palaeontology, Emma's research and writing has been published in scientific journals, children's books and a number of museum-based adult education tours. She has worked for and with universities, government agencies and museums. She is the co-founder of Museophilliac, an independent curatorial service that has produced programs for the City of Sydney and the Australian Museum, aimed at bringing science to life for a range of audiences. Her passion for science has an infectious and playful enthusiasm that inspires curiosity in children and adults alike. She hopes to continue to produce fun and accessible science communication.

About the Illustrator

Maude Guesne grew up in a small town not far from Bretagne, in France. She studied graphic design and illustration at Brassart College of Art before embarking on her career in illustration in Paris. Maude has always been passionate about travelling, nature and seeing the world. On her adventures as a travelling illustrator she has lived and worked in many different places, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Africa.

Maude now lives in Groningen, in the Netherlands, where her studio is surrounded by nature, windmills and bikes. Maude is always exploring with a pen or camera, and finds constant inspiration in the natural world around her. She loves to draw animals and whimsical characters, and is passionate about using textures and colours to tell stories with her art. Her illustrations are always imbued with a touch of humour and sparkle.

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Explore Your World: Weirdest Creatures In Time

Explore Your World: Weirdest Creatures In Time

By Tim Flannery Hardcover
#1 $26.95
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