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Genetics by Iruka N. Okeke & Rachel Dawes Hoang & Philip Menee BOOK book


By Iruka N. Okeke, Rachel Dawes Hoang, Philip Menee

  • ISBN: 9780198712558
  • Published: 0000-00-00
  • Binding: BOOK

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Book Description:

Recent advances that allow scientists to quickly and accurately sequence a genome have revolutionized our view of the structure and function of genes as well as our understanding of evolution.

A new era of genetics is underway, one that allows us to fully embrace Dobzhansky's famous statementthat Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.Genetics: Genes, Genomes, and Evolution presents the fundamental principles of genetics and molecular biology from an evolutionary perspective as informed by genome analysis.By using what has been learned from the analyses of bacterial and eukaryotic genomes as its basis, the book unites evolution, genomics, and genetics in one narrative approach. Genomic analysis is inherently both molecular and evolutionary, and every chapter is approached from this unifiedperspective.

Similarly, genomic studies have provided a deeper appreciation of the profound relationships between all organisms - something reflected in the book's integrated discussion of bacterial and eukaryotic evolution, genetics and genomics. It is an approach that provides students with a uniquely flexibleand contemporary view of genetics, genomics, and evolution.

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By Iruka N. Okeke & Rachel Dawes Hoang & Philip Menee BOOK
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