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Shizuko Kuroha's Japanese Patchwork Quilting Patterns by Shizuko Kuro Paperback book

Shizuko Kuroha's Japanese Patchwork Quilting Patterns

By Shizuko Kuro

  • ISBN: 9784805314937
  • Published: 2019-04-01
  • Binding: Paperback

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Book Description:

Shizuko Kuroha's Japanese Patchwork Quilting Patterns infuses a cherished American tradition with a Japanese sense of color, detail and design. This book brings a fresh eye to classic patchwork patterns in a way that is delighting quilters all over the world. Here, Kuroha shares her intricate hand-quilting techniques and a design sense that has been refined over her 40-year career as a celebrated book author and teacher. Her easy combinations of soft colors, detailed patterns, and bold stripes show how to achieve balance and flow in any type of patchwork project - from the simplest to the most complex.

Step-by-step illustrations walk quilters through Kuroha's intricate hand-piecework process. The book includes 19 sampler blocks used to make hundreds of different combinations for all kinds of quilting projects. The photos and diagrams of the block assembly are so clear, you hardly need to read the steps. A separate pull-out pattern sheet takes the labor out of drawing the pieces used to build these blocks.

In addition to the sampler blocks, detailed instructions show you how to incorporate them into projects large and small, such as:

  • Pincushions in round and square designs
  • Drawstring bags and zippered pouches embellished with patchwork
  • Quilted tote bags and a stylish backpack
  • Table runners and wall hangings with gorgeous color schemes
  • Full-sized quilts destined to become cherished heirlooms
This book is an invaluable resource to the basics of hand-stitched piecework, while practiced quilters will love it for the way it broadens their horizons. Kuroha fans will be happy to see this book finally available in English - and it will become a treasured reference on quilters' shelves for years to come!

About the Author

Shizuko Kuroha's love affair with quilting started in the 70s, during a period of living in the US. She has since become internationally known for her work with vintage fabrics, particularly indigo. Her work has been widely exhibited in many parts of the world, including the prestigious International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. She has garnered a growing fan base in the US, and her books Indigo and Sarasa and Log Cabin Restructured have become favourites among lovers of Japanese quilting.

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Shizuko Kuroha's Japanese Patchwork Quilting Patterns

Shizuko Kuroha's Japanese Patchwork Quilting Patterns

By Shizuko Kuro Paperback
#1 $23.42
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