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The Forgotten Map by Cameron Stelzer Paperback book

The Forgotten Map

By Cameron Stelzer

  • ISBN: 9780987461506
  • Published: 2013-06-01
  • Binding: Paperback

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Book Description:

Winner of the 2014 IndieReader Discovery Award for Childrens Fiction. The Forgotten Map: Pie Rats Book 1 is a delight from start to finish. A children's book with an artist's touch; it is a treasure worth seeking. IndiReaderWhisker is a cyclone-surviving circus rat with a troublesome tail and a boat load of luck. When a strange ship pulls him out of the ocean, Whiskers new life as a Pie Rat apprentice begins. Welcome aboard the good ship Apple Pie - a peculiar pastry ship where cannons shoot mouldy pies, coloured pencils are used as peg-legs and the champion swords-rat fights with two scarlet scissor swords. The Forgotten Map is the first instalment in the Pie Rat series for children age 8+. It includes maps, diagrams and character sketches. Fast moving passages of text take the reader on a swashbuckling adventure where danger and humour intertwine in true pirate fashion. The book takes a look at the meaning and importance of family through the desperate eyes of a young rat who has lost everything. Book 1 in the Pie Rats series.The Pie Rat series of illustrated novels are enthralling reads for children age 8-12. Woven throughout the witty text and detailed illustrations, are messages of hope, perseverance, loyalty, friendship and the importance of family. With a good dash of humour, excitement, and enthusiasm, Cameron's books engage even the most reluctant readers.

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The Forgotten Map

The Forgotten Map

By Cameron Stelzer Paperback
#1 $14.39
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