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White Privilege by Shannon Sullivan Paperback book

White Privilege

By Shannon Sullivan

  • ISBN: 9781509535293
  • Published: 2019-10-04
  • Binding: Paperback

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Book Description:

Some embrace the idea of white privilege as an important concept that helps us to make sense of the connection between race and social and political disadvantages, while others are critical or even hostile. Regardless of personal views, it can be difficult to agree on what 'white privilege' even means.

Philosopher Shannon Sullivan cuts through the confusion and cross-talk to challenge what 'everybody knows' about white privilege. Using real-life examples, she offers a candid assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the term, to present a better understanding of how race functions in our societies. She argues that white privilege is about more than race, that not only white people can have white privilege, and that feeling guilty about privilege can have a negative effect on the very people you feel guilty towards. In the end, she offers practical solutions for eliminating white privilege and building a fairer society.

ISBN: 9781509535293
Author(s): Shannon Sullivan

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White Privilege

White Privilege

By Shannon Sullivan Paperback
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